Sea Jogger - Biosig Instruments
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The revolutionary patented Sea Jogger®, allows the user to exercise in the fresh outdoor environment This unique and easy to use personal water propulsion system provides no-impact exercise by converting the destructive energy of impact into exercise. Sea Jogger® is totally portable and lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble. Sea Jogger® utilizes a non-polluting unique, quiet and effective fin propulsion system, which allows you to glide on water. It is Made of the highest quality Made in America materials.

Using Sea Jogger® is so easy, just set up, step on, and walk. Sea Jogger® is extremely stable and comfortable. There is no need to take off your shoes or get wet. Just naturally walk on water. If you can walk, you can walk on water with Sea Jogger®.

The most unique and easy to use personal water propulsion system available. Walk on water, jog, fish, tan, exercise or simply relax.
No more sore knees or backs. Say goodbye to bailing and wet, soggy backsides. You can use Sea Jogger fully clothed.
Sea Jogger is so stable, there’s no need to take off your shoes or get wet!