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Slide Insta-Pulse instant Heart Rate Monitor INSTA-PULSE BEST HEART RATE MONITOR ON THE MARKET READ MORE Slide Insta-Pulse heart rate monitor wall / table model 201 INSTA-PULSE WALL Model READ MORE Slide Insta-Pulse heart rate monitor floor model 203 INSTA-PULSE FLOOR MODEL READ MORE Slide Antense biofeedback anti-tension, anti-stress device model 701 ANTENSE NATURALLY ELIMINATE STRESS READ MORE Slide Exerlopers no impact running shoes EXERLOPERS NO IMPACT RUNNING SHOES READ MORE Slide Sea Jogger_Biosig Instsruments SEA JOGGER WALK ON WATER WITH READ MORE


Insta-Pulse portable heart rate monitor model 107


The Insta-Pulse® is the best instant heart rate monitor and fitness assessment tool on the market.


It is a hand held device that allows you to measure your heart rate simply, instantly and accurately at any time, whether you are sitting down or exercising. Simply grasp the Insta-Pulse® heart rate monitor with both hands and it will automatically turn on and continuously update your heart rate.

Antense biofeedback anti-tension, anti-stress device model 701


The Antense® is an anti-stress device that is a simple yet effective way to eliminate stress. It helps the user develop a greater sense of body awareness while in the comfort of their own home.


Antense® gives you instant audio feedback on stress. The audio feedback is proportional to your stress level. The brain receives the feedback and automatically controls relaxation. Antense® allows your sensory system to recognize stress and combat it natually.

Everlopers no impact running shoes


Exerlopers® are a revolutionary patented running shoe that lets you run virtually impact free by converting the destructive energy of impact into the positive energy of exercise. In doing so you get 3x more calorie burning from your workout.


Exerlopers® provide a comfortable run anytime, anywhere – indoors or outside – while giving you a greater workout in a shorter time than conventional running. The Exerlopers® fit over your regular running shoes. One size fits all.

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