INSTA-PULSE - Biosig Instruments
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The Insta-Pulse® heart rate monitors use state-of-the-art electronics through their custom designs and electronic components.


Use is anywhere, any time, before, during and after your exercise routine


Insta-Pulse® heart rate monitor is ideal for personal fitness. You can share it on a jogging path or at the gym with your family and friends. It allows you to monitor your heart rate by simply holding it in your hands during jogging or when using fitness machines. All of the models turn on and off automatically, are water and shock-proof. They are available in portable, wall, floor and custom designed models.


Today the proprietary technology of the Insta-Pulse® OEM Heart Rate Monitors are available to developers and engineers of many sectors such as fitness, medical, entertainment and others.


Insta-Pulse® heart rate Monitors are water and shock resistant, with a durable polycarbonate plastic shell. They operate on a standard 9-volt battery, which is easily replaced.


The Floor Model and Wall Model of Insta-Pulse® heart rate monitors are the most widely known and preferred heart rate monitoring instruments used by clubs, schools and fitness institutions around the world. Their unique and rugged design is made to withstand heavy traffic in the fitness club environment. These Insta-Pulse® models have been used by astronauts for fitness training.


Enjoy the benefits and versatility of Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitors.


Insta-Pulse instant heart rate monitor

Insta-Pulse® Model 105 represents our best-known model and is the most versatile, reliable and durable fitness monitor on the market.

Insta-Pulse instant heart rate monitor

Insta-Pulse® Model 107 has incorporated state-of-the-art technology to give it a compact size. It is a convenient pocket model for carrying with you wherever you go.

Insta-Pulse heart rate monitor floor model 203

Insta-Pulse® Floor Model is a unique rugged steel construction. It is an excellent accessory for any fitness facilities with no maintenance. It can be easily moved from one exercise location to another.

Insta-Pulse heart rate monitor wall / table model 201

Insta-Pulse® Wall Model has the same rugged steel construction as the Floor Model. It could be permanently attached to a wall or put on a table for convenient use. Requires minimal maintenance.

It’s the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast that will last for many years. Many of our customers have written to us years after having purchased it to thank us for Insta-Pulse® maintenance-free performance.