EXERLOPERS - Biosig Instruments
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People love running but the impact of running creates knee problems, shin splints and other discomforts and injuries, now with Exerlopers® we make running not just fun but also a way to eliminate the shock associated with running.


Exerlopers® provide a soft comfortable run and a greater workout (up to 3 times) in a shorter time than conventional running. The advantage is that you burn more calories, thus having a more efficient workout. (10 minutes on Exerlopers® is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging).


Unique design and technology of Exerlopers® have won numerous medals and awards from various international invention exhibitions. Exerlopers® are registered in The American Heritage Dictionary as a new way to run.


The elliptical spring on the Exerlopers® delays the shock you experience when your foot hits the ground. It is a known fact that muscles cannot be exercised by shock because muscles cannot act quickly enough to absorb all the kinetic energy of running. Up to 75% of this energy is transferred to our skeletal structure leading to the gradual wearing out of the bones and joints.


Exerlopers® absorb and store the energy that would otherwise be wasted in the form of shock. The springs release the energy slowly and gradually towards the exercised muscles of the runner giving them a safer and healthier workout.

You will be completely at ease with the new feel of running after only a few minutes of practice.

The patented Exerlopers® are made of durable, space age materials. They are easy to use and require no maintenance.